Life’s Real (Deluxe Edition) EP – CD


Life’s Real (Deluxe Edition) EP – CD


Five-track EP featuring the popular single ‘Angelene’
Released July 15th 2016

Full track listing:

1. The Interlude (Part I)
2. Angelene
3. First Night
4. Rakim (The 26th Year)
5. The Interlude (Part II)
6. Take Time
8. Angelene Remix (feat. Mrisi, Hatter, Frankie Stew, Bobbie Johnson, Maczee P, Phonetic)
9. First Night (Acoustic)

Product Description

Taken from The Independent

The band says of the EP: “It’s inspired by the mixture of both everyday trivial things such as the family parties mentioned on ‘Rakim’ as well as the serious life events that you’ll find on ‘The Interlude’. We also wanted to create a body of work that had both a nice live feel to it while maintain a lot of the soulful vibe.

“We were influenced by the usual hip-hop music we love as well as 70’s jazz records that have plenty of space yet still make you want to make moves and dance.”

Full article – Normanton Street, New Music To Listen To, The Independent



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